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Post Trip Reflections 31.05.2006
Dubai the land of heat 05.05.2006
Mopping up England 04.05.2006
Back to Old Blighty 01.05.2006
Not so nice a-Roma 01.05.2006
More from Barcelona, and an unexpected return to Avignon 01.05.2006
Rapid Decampment 30.04.2006
The Day Florence Got Done 29.04.2006
Now we are in Avignon 22.04.2006
The latest news 17.04.2006
Update from Killarney - several days worth! 12.04.2006
Several days went by, and here's what happened..... 06.04.2006
London 2 01.04.2006
London 31.03.2006
Ready 28.03.2006
Less than a week to go! 22.03.2006
What's in a name? 14.03.2006
A Roof for Ones's Head 12.03.2006
Time, like sewerage, flows on regardless of the human will 07.03.2006
Time to get serious 28.02.2006
Getting set to set out 07.02.2006